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Addin Os - Jacob's Blue


“Addin Os” by Jacob’s Blue can be found on Soundcloud , Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and many more!

It will be on You Tube shortly!


There have been and will continue to be many firsts, now and during the weeks surrounding. This week features the song “Addin Os” which is the first song my close friend, Dean Maola, and I have finished together.

My brother Dean is mad nice on the strings and a very talented producer/engineer. Needless to say, this is the first of many songs from us and I hope you really enjoy the sounds we’re exploring together.

This all started at a very special studio in Brooklyn called Vibe AM Studios (linked below) which is run by my homie Matik, (linked below) who is also a very talented producer/engineer. It was a summer night in late May. I’m honestly spacing a little about who all was there just because we’ve had many sessions there and it’s now December lol, but the usual crew is who I’m expecting. Besides Matik, Dean, and I, my manager Declan (linked below) my boy Eric Ibarra, (linked below) who is a dope photographer/videographer, and my beautiful yet equally talented, if not more talented, girlfriend, Aya (linked below) were all there.

Now that introductions are out of the way we can continue with the story lol. We all showed up at different times so I’m sure everyone has a different recollection of how the night went down, nether the less, it was a super fun night. We had a finished a few ideas so we were feeling good but then Dean casually brings up how he had been working on something he thought I might like. I rarely work like this but when he hooked up the aux and played an absolute banger I knew I had to jump in the booth and record something. Who just casually mentions a beat like this?!

I jumped in the booth and screamed some uninterpretable nonsense to different melodies, trying to find some vocal pockets. (This is a huge part of my process) Declan, of course, the hype man of the bunch, was already head banging. I knew we were in a good position haha. Love that guy!

At the time the beat was just a loop so with the help of Matik, we arranged the song a bit and came up with a cool drop for the hook.

It’s honestly so weird to type Matik out because I’m so used to calling him Alex but he insists on Matik lol. Great guy. I digress.

Moving on, I wrote up a hook to the vocal melody reference we recorded and then we recorded the hook. We all loved it but progress stopped there. I hate staying up late and it was already 2 AM so after that we decided to go home. Little did I know, progress would halt for 4 months. ughhhhhhhhh -_-

It’s really difficult to write a song after spacing out that much time because there’s so much to be said about being in the same headspace and timing, among other nuances of recording, however, I seem to do this a lot. I have no idea why I do this to myself but it is very bad and I’m doing my best to change my ways. Anyway, after much procrastinating Dean and I wound up at his place grinding out the rest of this song.

We took another day to write and record it. Dean sprinkled his “sauce“ as he likes to call it. (He’ll love that I called it sauce haha) And viola! Another low-key banger from the LIVEINEVERYNOW (LIEN) RECORDS crew.

A side note about lyrics -

I wrote this song about grinding out here in NYC, doing everything we can to improve our lifestyle and push this music to more and more people. Each person in that studio has a similar story to tell about their personal come-up. We all strive for greatness and I was really inspired by all of the people there. That’s why those people are close to me. I drew from that as I was writing. Few people outside of that circle understand how hard we work and how much it takes to succeed in this digital age. My hope is that you feel our drive and dedication through the content we put out.

In the song I reflect on living in the city, the pain that’s caused when I think about my worth not being valued like I think it should be, and the fears I’m getting over. I think we are all subject to the opinions of our peers, the internet, likes, views, comments, etc. and sometimes it isn’t what were hoping for. Especially us as creators. We put our heart out there for the internet to judge and while we are full of ambition our product is not always met with the same love and respect that we have for it. What I’ve learned is that, THAT’S OKAY.

Were all so hyper focused on results, I know I am in particular, and honestly at the end of the day, as long as you are doing what you love for you and no one else, it just doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Fuck likes. Fuck comments. Fuck etc. People are not always going to like what you put out because we don’t all have one unified opinion. Frankly, I think you should be worried if you only get positive feedback.

My team and I are focused on making something because it makes us proud and never sacrificing what we believe in; quality, telling our true story, and the relentless pursuit of our dreams. As long as we do that, I’m sure we’ll end up in the right place.

Lots of people came together to make this song and I’m so thankful for all of them. All of their respective links will be posted in the bio.

Also I just wanted to leave a special shoutout to Mac Miller and his family. Mac, you were one of the greatest to ever do it and I’m inspired by you daily. Words cannot describe the pain I felt at your loss this past year. We’ll do our part in keeping your story alive. Thank you for everything.

And with that I want to thank you for listening, thank you for reading, and wish you a very happy holiday season. Be on the lookout for new music, very soon.

- J








- MAC MILLER CIRCLE’S FUND (In honor of Malcolm’s commitment to the arts, The Mac Miller Circles Fund will provide programming, resources and opportunities to youth from underserved communities, helping them recognize their full potential through exploration in the arts and community building.)



Listen to my words and catch me growing

Recent escapades have got me showing

All my life to strangers I don’t know yet

But I’ve been around the block so now I’m flowing

Live in urban jungle. It been snowing

But introspection starts the pain

I live and learn but after dark

My brain keep fucking with my heart

No matter what I’ll chase this till I’m dead


Cuz I been rollin now

Man fuck the fear

I got it so I put in more

And while I’m here

Don’t hesitate, I’m focused on growing

And cracking the molding

I know that it’s alright. It’s alright

Cuz I’ve been out here Adding Os

Yeah yeah

I been out here adding Os

Yeah yeah

Love me cuz I put in more

yeah yeah

Love me cuz its all I know

yeah yeah yeah


Mothafucka I’m back with the freshness

Thats word to Mac I will not forget this

True story bout a boy turned legend

Let em know I’m here for the vengeance

Time that I spend tryna focus on the present 

And your love got me feeling like peasant

Cuz I know I’m talented as fuck but still ain’t got it like that

yeah yeah yeah

Now you should worry bout it

This vocal warning that coming

And I’m taking heads cuz I ain’t scared of nothing

I been in lab for 9 months and been taking them notes

Now I’m out here in the open tryna see where this goes 

Let me know what’s on your mind yeah

And take your time with it cuz I’m not fine yeah

I want this more than anybody, fuck your questions for me

I keep on flowing ain’t no body

Put pressure on me yeah


Cuz I been rollin now

Man fuck the fear

I got it so I put in more

And while I’m here

Don’t hesitate, I’m focused on growing

And cracking the molding

I know that it’s alright. it’s alright

Cuz I’ve been out here Adding Os

Yeah yeah

I been out here Adding Os

Yeah yeah

Love me cuz I put in more

Yeah yeah

Love me cuz its all I know

Yeah yeah yeah


Photography: Aya Ataeva