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Tide - Jacob's Blue


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Before I start breaking this song down I want to make sure we’re clear on an ideal that is consistent throughout my music. At this point in my career, I approach music aware of who I want to hear it. I think about who, and how I want you to listen and how I want you to feel. I hope for every time that you hear my music that you are taken to where I was when I wrote it.

Even with that level of thought put into the music about who else may be listening, at the crux of it all, I’m making music for myself. I always have used music as a cathartic tool to help me emote.

That being said, I believe that it’s not fair to myself or any of you to filter how I feel in the moment a song is written. I believe there is a beautiful flow of emotion that is captured when you experience something and then express yourself as soon as possible. In hindsight, somethings written when the song was first being made may be exaggerated or even untrue. But they capture my perspective on the situation in that moment in a raw way that represents the truth of that moment and I feel it needs to be shared.

Now that we’re clear let’s unpack “Tide.”

The idea that love is a spectrum has nestled itself in the forefront of my mind when thinking about these things. Love shifts. Love flows. As do relationships and the dynamics within them. My feeling so deeply intertwined with water and the ocean naturally led me to the metaphor of the tide.

This song tries to articulately illustrate what I was going through when I was experiencing a break up with a woman that means the world to me. A lot of the feelings I was experiencing where based in angst, and questioning. “Why do you have to act this way.” “Why is this happening to us?” I understood why at a topical level but couldn’t wrap my head around the entirety of the situation.

This song is a representation of the intense questioning I put our demise through, searching desperately for resolve. I set out to show you this through two means, as always; lyrics and production.

Lyrically, I paint this picture through the pointed lyrics attacking her pride, “Girl let go of your pride“ to the self loathing acknowledgment that I’ve experienced many failed relationships saying “Broken every love…I’m undecided, still know who I am. But maybe I’m lying,“ to the description of my lingering love, debris of fervent relationship, “Getting violent you been rearing back to give it all to me. Love your passion, don’t go holding back, just give it all to me. Send them pictures, know I love the way you give it all to me. Got me washing dishes, I’m so hung up on you yeah. You know I can’t say by to you.” concluding with the fact that I can’t let go and am in need of starting over.

Pay special attention to the stanza talking about “Steady visions from the Otherside” and reference the last stanza of the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Heart of Mine.“ (See link below)

Through production, you’ll hear a steady kick drum hit on the first 3 beats but not hitting on the 4 illustrating a strength that is now broken. These kicks are scattered between off beat snares causing a sort of chaotic atmosphere that the spacious hats will then add to, in hopes of creating a similar setting in your subconscious. 808s didn’t belong in this song because of their ferocious nature. I thought a sine bass would serve as a much better impact tool to complement the plain drums. The other instruments in the song are distorted to all hell but then dampened with EQ in order to make you feel as if what used to be free and passionate is now caged and wounded.

The struggle as an artist is getting people to feel the efforts of both production and writing in a way that matches each other. We’re match makers trying to formulate a perfect marriage between instruments and vocals. My hope is that by breaking this song apart and helping you to understand my thought process behind what I made, it will allow you to better interact with the music and better understand me. Love is precious and to be taken seriously.

If there’s one thing to take away from all of this it’s this.

The tide may rise and fall. Water seemingly vanishes and reappears, yet just like love, it never truly goes away.

Thank you for listening. It means the world to me.

- J




Flowing like tide yeah


Wish you’d love me for my truth but you don’t

Wish you’d listen to my reason but you won’t, no

Afraid to fall, afraid to jump

And all this time I feel it in your bones. You’re

The tenant to my veins but you know that, yeah

A look inside my my heart girl you own that, yeah

I’m better now than I’ve ever been

So don’t hold back when we make amends, yeah

It’s not your fault, don’t know what loving is

You don’t. You don’t. You don’t


Girl let go of your pride yeah

You’re wasting all our time you

Marathon my mind yeah but

Love flow like the tide yeah


Cursed from the start

Broken every love

Put it all on the line

For most of my life

I’m undecided, still know who I am

But maybe I’m lying

Getting violent you been rearing back to give it all to me

Love your passion, don’t go holding back, just give it all to me

Send them pictures, know I love the way you give it all to me

Got me washing dishes, I’m so hung up on you yeah

You know I can’t, yeah

Know I can’t, yeah

Say by too, you’re

All I am, no

Not today, they’r’e

On my head, look

In my eyes, girl

Love me dead yeah yeah

Steady visions from the Otherside running through my mind, yeah

Television playing Heart of Mine

I’ll still do the crime, yeah

Got me feeling like a satellite

Cuz there’s new divides, yeah

Fall inside my heart and don’t let me go

No way you’ll let me go, let me go

Cuz I wouldn’t let you go, let you go

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

I got the

Lights down on the weekend

Know you love me when I’m peaking

Ego tripping drop the pretense

And still we changing like the seasons

Got me diving in the deep end

Know you focused on the revenge

But I ain’t looking for a reason

And I ain’t playing any defense

Still I gotta get like HOVA

Tell me are you coming over

Cuz every day I’m getting closer

But wild goosing for some closure